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SemSim is internationally acclaimed Cisco CCNA exam router simulation software that helps aspiring candidates prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification exam. Not only does it provide an understanding of networking concepts – through router simulation based virtual labs and practice tests, but also recreates an environment for real-life network configuration practice. It opens new vistas in personal flexibility and time management. SemSim provides you with a classroom quality-learning environment at an affordable price. Start a successful career as a Cisco certified network professional with SemSim now ! We even offer an online free CCNA Study center to provide some helpful articles on basic exam information.

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 SemSim: #1 In CCNA Exam Preparation Products

Other SemSim CCNA Exam preparation products include:
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  • CCNA Cram Sheets: Get all information you need to pass the exam from just 8 pages.
  • CCNA Training Course: Get interactive CCNA training.
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 Save Preparation Time With SemSim CCNA Router Simulator

     SemSim offers you valuable time savings in your preparation for Cisco certification exam, without compromising on the quality of preparation. With Sem-Sim you will get the following time management advantages:

  • Do your practicals at your convenience.
  • Practice as often as you want.
  • No need to enroll at a training lab and wait your turn.
  • Save time on the certification exam:
  • Simulation questions typically consume the most time on the exam. However with SemSim simulator, exhaustive practice with mock exam simulation questions will ensure that you save time on the exam. This will provide you with better time management to ensure that you have sufficient time to answer the multiple choice/theory questions.

     Read comparison between router simulators

Sem-Sim CCNA router simulator


 Save Money

     When you’re appearing for an exam that costs $125-$150 per sitting, we assume you’d want to put it across in one shot. And money aside, you wouldn’t want to be wasting any time in beginning your career. So get ahead of your competition with the SemSim advantage by mastering simulation, the most difficult part of the exam. It’s the advantage of better preparation, while saving valuable time and money.

    The SemSim CCNA exam router simulator is available today at a special price of only $39 (For a limited time period only, even though its “true value” is over $135!) . Compare that with the cost of similar software –which retails at nearly 300% higher or enrolling in a training lab / preparation course, or with the expense involved in setting up a home lab- which could put you back by $1000-$3000, and the choice becomes a simple one. It’s a few thousand dollars versus a mere $39.

      SemSim CCNA Test Pass Guarantee

 Prepare better: Simulation is important for success in CCNA

    It’s been observed that simulation is the biggest stumbling block most candidates face in the exam. Besides being the toughest portion, it is also the more important portion. Don Field, Cisco's senior manager of certifications says, “simulation is weighted more heavily ”.  

    SemSim router simulator helps you counter this with comprehensive practicals and easy to follow troubleshooting methods.. All based on the new exam format. This will ensure that you are well prepared to clear the exam. With SemSim Router Simulator, you can’t but win

     So make a smart career move, and make Sem-Sim the focal point of your CCNA practice.

    Download the Sem-Sim Router Simulator with FREE CCNA Simulation Lab Now!


 Proof that SemSim CCNA Router Simulator is effective

Industry Experts Say:

In the router simulator world there are very few companies that have a product that is made for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. SemSim may be the new kid on the block but they are going to make some serious waves in this arena.... The application comes with excellent troubleshooting scenarios; I haven’t found anyone else who has this in the simulator....Overall I found this to be a serious tool for the CCNA Series of exams."         
    -Excerpt from Review by Michael Woznicki, Technical Reviewer, Editor & Author/Certified Technical Instructor A+/Net+/iNet+/Server+/MCP/MCSA/Cisco CCNA/ CCDA/CIWA/CIWP/ CNX-A CCCT/ CCNT/BCIP/CST/ CNCT/CNST RANKED #10 REVIEWER AMAZON.COM

This is a terrific product at a great price. You will get a very good router simulator coupled with a easy to use tutorial system. The combination produces a productive learning environment to help you prepare for your Cisco CCNA certification.

SemSim training course is an excellent resource to study for CCNA exam. Great Value. Highly recommended.
James,  ProProfs CCNA Study School

Read more customer testimonials.

 Product Features

  • High fidelity Cisco IOS simulator with support for over 200 IOS commands.
  • Over 30 CCNA™ tutorial labs covering a range of topics - routing, access-lists etc.
  • 6 exam like practical router simulation scenarios to gauge your knowledge and proficiency in networking.
  • Over 70 flash card based practice questions commit important IOS commands to memory.
  • 3 router configuration practice tests with a detailed score report to pinpoint your weak areas.
  • Test mode to provide a skill assessment, and a detailed study plan to provide you maximum value.
  • Great practice supplement to any book on Cisco® IOS commands or CCNA™. Hands on practice with commands and concepts tremendously increases retention and is the only way to gain real practical knowledge.
  • Based on new exam format. Practice for: 640-802, ICND1, ICND2 & more.
  • Valuable FREE Trial Version with FREE router configuration troubleshooting lab & 20 flash cards.

      Download FREE Router Simulator Version Now  

Current Promotion: Available for US$39.
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    Get the Cisco router simulation software that has helped many. Read our customer testimonials.

    Pure theoretical knowledge has little value in a business environment. SemSim Router Simulator provides valuable hands on expertise and thus ensures your success not just in certification exam but also in your job. SemSim is the right choice for students, as well as field technicians looking an accurate Cisco router simulator.

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